The Best/Worst of 2017 Analysis Archive

So, quick one here. Just getting all the deep dive analysis blogs I did on isolated aspects of my best and worst movies of 2017 as that is done now.

What started it was that I knew I’d be talking about these movies on my radio show all the way back at the start of 2018, so I thought a fun way to do it for my Best/Worst list was to make deep dive analysis blogs and link them in the lists themselves. That obviously did not happen, but I thought my backwards MCU retrsospective could use some bumpers to stop monotony seeping into my blog (note: this was when I thought I’d get all the MCU movies done quickly). Over, to the futility of the entire purpose as it became hilariously outdated, they were done.

And it was fun! Honestly the worst thing about it was going back to some of the bad ones. I’m someone who tends to just forget a really bad movie and not have a lot of enthused ways to talk about it, with exceptions. Talking about Fist Fight was a fucking chore, and Yoga Hosers is a seriously unpleasant film. I should have made it number 1 upon reflection-as bad as The Book of Henry is, its badness at least compels me to rewatch it.

But it allowed me to really consider the smaller aspects that go into films that make them great, and what I love about the craft. It stretched my creative muscles, and act as an excuse to watch movies I love, so I could think of worse experiences.

Anyway, here are these films archived, separated by Worst and Best:


Bitter Harvest and Dramatising a Historical Tragedy (originally published August 15th 2018)
Fist Fight and Using Your Charlie Day(December 12th 2018)
The Shack and “Woke” Religious Films (March 1st 2019)
Yoga Hosers and the Failings of a Beloved Director (April 16 2019)
The Book of Henry and the Delayed Script (August 23rd 2019)


The Red Turtle and Perspective (September 19th 2018)
Loveless and Technological Addiction(February 16th 2019)
mother! and Close-Ups (March 21st 2019)
Moonlight and the Metaphor of Water (July 19th 2019)
Blade Runner 2049 and Cinematography (October 31st 2019)

So this must be a replacement for a bumper for my Iron Man blog, right? Well….

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