Cork French Film Festival 2019

This is more of a way to easily get access to reviews I did for the Cork French Film Festival. Continue reading “Cork French Film Festival 2019”


2018 Year End Lists

It’s that time again.

I saw a lot of movie in 2018. 335 to be precise. Continue reading “2018 Year End Lists”

Cork Film Festival 2018

I was at the Cork Film Festival this year, and I saw…lots…of movies. Here’s what I thought of them. Continue reading “Cork Film Festival 2018”


I was at IndieCork 2018! Continue reading “IndieCork2018”

Why Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Doesn’t Work

No preamble here. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is shit, here’s why. Spoilers for the entire movie ahead. Continue reading “Why Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Doesn’t Work”

Why Pacific Rim: Uprising Doesn’t Work

Pacific Rim: Uprising is arse. 2/10. Here’s why. Spoilers ahead. Continue reading “Why Pacific Rim: Uprising Doesn’t Work”

Buffy: Best of, 25-1

SPOILERS FOR A…21 year old show, I guess. I talk about the episodes in both lists like you’ve actually seen the series. You’ve been sufficiently warned.

And we’re back! Read The Worst of Buffy first before we go any further. Continue reading “Buffy: Best of, 25-1”