Quick Critique: Trained (REQUEST)

Jake (Yuri Rutman) and Emma (Jenny Diamico) are a couple living in Chicago dealing with an unusual personal issue. Emma has siderodromophilia; she cannot get sexually aroused unless she is on or near moving trains. Continue reading “Quick Critique: Trained (REQUEST)”


Notes on a Disaster Teaser Trailer Released

The first teaser trailer for Notes on a Disaster has been released. Continue reading “Notes on a Disaster Teaser Trailer Released”

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thor

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Moving on: Continue reading “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thor”

What I Like About: Moonlight and the Metaphor of Water


Water is very fluid. Terrible pun, to be sure, but it’s true in terms of its metaphorical content. Continue reading “What I Like About: Moonlight and the Metaphor of Water”

Quick Critique: Boombats (REQUEST)

Boombats follows the misadventures of Bobby Battali (Tony Sciara), a bumbling perpetual loser who gets indebted to a dangerous mob boss after racking up gambling debts. Continue reading “Quick Critique: Boombats (REQUEST)”

What I Like About: Surviving R. Kelly/Leaving Neverland and Framing a Narrative of Abuse

Note: At the time of writing this, neither Michael Jackson nor R. Kelly have been legally convicted of any sexually based crimes as described in the documentaries. The two men who were the subject of Leaving Neverland, James Woodchuck and Wade Robson, are currently appealing a court’s decision to dismiss their claims against Jackson’s estate pertaining to sexual molestation in 2015, without the court passing judgement on whether these allegations were true or not. R. Kelly is currently facing 10 charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, throughout which he has maintained his innocence. When describing instances in these documentaries, I will be writing as if these allegations occurred for simplicity’s sake and due to my own personal belief in their validity, but it is not up to me to declare their definitive factual basis. This article is not meant to pass judgement on either of them, merely to examine how these narratives were handled. Continue reading “What I Like About: Surviving R. Kelly/Leaving Neverland and Framing a Narrative of Abuse”

Japanese Film Festival 2019

So this was delayed for over a month. Oh well-here are the movies I saw at the Japanese Film Festival 2019! Continue reading “Japanese Film Festival 2019”