My Problems With: The Book of Henry, and the Delayed Script

I think we all have that story stuck in our heads that we can’t let go of. Continue reading “My Problems With: The Book of Henry, and the Delayed Script”


Quick Critique: Almost Home

Sneaking out of home to meet a boy, Sarah (Jessica Healy) dies suddenly of a seizure. Continue reading “Quick Critique: Almost Home”

How The Lion King (2019) Broke Me

So I haven’t done a rant in quite a while on this blog. And no time like the present; I mean there’s a remake of one of the seminal movies of my childhood out now!  Continue reading “How The Lion King (2019) Broke Me”

Quick Critique: Trained (REQUEST)

Jake (Yuri Rutman) and Emma (Jenny Diamico) are a couple living in Chicago dealing with an unusual personal issue. Emma has siderodromophilia; she cannot get sexually aroused unless she is on or near moving trains. Continue reading “Quick Critique: Trained (REQUEST)”

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thor

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Moving on: Continue reading “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thor”

What I Like About: Moonlight and the Metaphor of Water


Water is very fluid. Terrible pun, to be sure, but it’s true in terms of its metaphorical content. Continue reading “What I Like About: Moonlight and the Metaphor of Water”