EXCLUSIVE: Notes on a Disaster, Episode Titles + Cast Stills

More insights into Notes on a Disaster. El Diablo has decided to reveal the episode titles, and they are as such: Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: Notes on a Disaster, Episode Titles + Cast Stills”

Cork French Film Festival 2019

This is more of a way to easily get access to reviews I did for the Cork French Film Festival. Continue reading “Cork French Film Festival 2019”

What I Like About: mother! and Close-Ups

mother! is the, at the time of this writing, latest release by film maestro Darren Aronofsky of “Are you uncomfortable yet? What if I go up real close to you and start breathing heavily?” fame. Continue reading “What I Like About: mother! and Close-Ups”

Quick Critique: Mute Date (REQUEST)

fIn the far off, impossible to see future of 2020, Noah (Anthony Kapfer) and Erica (Nina Tandilashvili) take part in an experiment that puts them on a blind date. Continue reading “Quick Critique: Mute Date (REQUEST)”

Quick Critique: Mia Morris’ Diary (REQUEST)

The world of web series is not one I’ve particularly ventured on, despite spending the vast majority of my life on YouTube. Continue reading “Quick Critique: Mia Morris’ Diary (REQUEST)”

EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek for Notes on a Disaster

The latest project from El Diablo Productions, Notes on a Disaster, is gearing up for release. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek for Notes on a Disaster”

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Iron Man 3

I think it’d be easier to track these reviews by hyperlinking the names of the movies instead of doing it for “here” over and over again, so here are the previous MCU reviews for this blog:

Ant Man
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Guardians of the Galaxy
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Thor: The Dark World

Moving on: Continue reading “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Iron Man 3”