Best Movies of 2019

Click to read my watchlist and my picks for the so bad it’s good movies of 2019, and for the Worst List of 2019. Continue reading “Best Movies of 2019”

2019: Watchlist and So Bad It’s Good List

It’s that time again. Continue reading “2019: Watchlist and So Bad It’s Good List”

2018 Year End Lists

It’s that time again.

I saw a lot of movie in 2018. 335 to be precise. Continue reading “2018 Year End Lists”

2017: Watchlist and Guilty Pleasures

Man, what an odd and fascinating year for film. Our blockbusters got political, our indie films got minimal and our animated flicks got forgettable! Continue reading “2017: Watchlist and Guilty Pleasures”

2016: Watchlist/So Bad it’s Good

Hey, this list was a long time coming! Continue reading “2016: Watchlist/So Bad it’s Good”