Introducing Conor Dwane in Notes on a Disaster

I’m happy to talk about more info has been revealed about the upcoming Cork-based web-series Notes on a Disaster. Continue reading “Introducing Conor Dwane in Notes on a Disaster”


EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek for Notes on a Disaster

The latest project from El Diablo Productions, Notes on a Disaster, is gearing up for release. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek for Notes on a Disaster”

Sneak Peek: The Milk Run

The Milk Run is the latest film from Cork-based director and a friend of mine Simon McKeon. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: The Milk Run”

Quick Critique: Christmas at Draculas

(Originally published 23 April 2015)

Ever came up with a crazy idea for a film with your mates? This guy made a movie about that. Continue reading “Quick Critique: Christmas at Draculas”