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An Hour to Kill-Trailer Reaction (REQUEST)

Two assassins, Gio and Frankie (Aaron Guerrero and Frankie Pozos, respectively) are killing time waiting for their next assignment. To entertain themselves, they share horror stories with one another. Their stories have evocative titles like “Valkyrie’s Bunker”, “Assacre” and “Hog Hunters”. But which will be deemed the most shocking tale of the lot?


Said to be like a cross between Pulp Fiction and Creepshow, An Hour to Kill is a fun little Grindhouse-esque horror anthology from director Aaron K. Carter (Dead Kansas). I’ve only seen the trailer as of the time of writing this, but this honestly looks like a lot of fun! Anthologies are always great because they give you a concise and to-the-point short film with the overarching connectivity to make the experience all the worth it.

This is very much in the air of no-holds-barred schlocktacular fun (it’s even being streamed on Troma!). If that isn’t your thing it may not be to your liking, but it has that kind of low-grade B-movie charm that I get a kick out of, and it doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously which is always a plus. I’d recommend it and would certainly check it out!

An Hour to Kill is available to stream Amazon Prime US and Amazon Prime UK, and available to buy, along with Dead Kansas, on DVD

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