Notes on a Disaster Teaser Trailer Released

The first teaser trailer for Notes on a Disaster has been released. We’ve also gotten confirmation on its month of release, so it’s one to mark down.

The trailer focuses on Trevor Thomas and Peter Ryan discussing what their “cult” movie should be. They are played by Dylan Mangan and Simon McKeon respectively, who are the series co-creators and wrote and directed all eight episodes. It is part of El Diablo Productions, who have produced the feature Christmas at Dracula’s as well as shorts The Milk Run and Bad Guy, amongst others.

Spliced throughout the trailer are shots of the rest of the cast. Alongside McKeon and Mangan, the cast includes Alice Moloney, Dillon Harris, Eoin O Reilly, Mandy Ni Carthaigh, Eric Mooney, Art Kelleher, Chris Keating and Connor Dwane. Dwane’s character Ricky Richards closes out the teaser. Solid musical choice, as well.

The series will follow two college kids who decide a make a movie. Details on the plot are being kept deliberately vague to throw people off the scent of what the major details will be. Keep an eye out for another teaser in the coming months, which will focus on one character and be a lot darker. A full trailer is expected to be released in September.

Notes on a Disaster is due for release in October 2019. You can read more coverage on the series on this blog, including a sneak peek, episode titles and cast photos, and introducing Conor Dwane as Ricky Richards. Be sure to follow Notes on a Disaster’s Facebook page and El Diablo Productions on Youtube.

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