Introducing Conor Dwane in Notes on a Disaster

I’m happy to talk about more info has been revealed about the upcoming Cork-based web-series Notes on a Disaster. A bit about the role of El Diablo regular Conor Dwane has been revealed, as well as some stills of his character.

Conor plays a character called Ricky Richards. He’s an American talent who will be helping out Peter and Trevor, played by series writers and directors Simon McKeon and Dylan Mangan respectively.

Conor Dwane is a frequent regular of El Diablo’s projects, having produced and starred in Christmas at Dracula’s directed by McKeon, playing the famous Count. He also starred in the short follow-up to the feature The Fangs of Fame. Other shorts include Bad Guy and The Milk Run (which he co-wrote with McKeon, who also directed with Mangan as AD). He’s also been credited in Strength and Honour and The Young Offenders TV Show.


Also joining Dwane, McKeon and Mangan are El Diablo alum Chris Keating and Art Kelleher, as well as Mandy Ni Carthaigh, James Ronayne, Alice Moloney, Eoin O’Reily, Liam Horgan, and Eric Mooney.

Notes on a Disaster will be released online sometime later on in the year. For more information, go to previous posts on the project here and here and follow them on Facebook.

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