Quick Critique

Quick Critique: Gay and Loathing in Bris Vegas (REQUEST)


Gay and Loathing Bris Vegas is a comedy set in Australia’s third largest city. It follows the lives of seven gay men living in the city as they try to stave off their own boredom over the course of a weekend.

Our cast includes Simon (Michael Deed), sardonic and self-centered, and his long-suffering, exasperated best friend Eric (Paul Newlands). Simon is attempting to hook up with Garth (Josh Walker), a dating app aficionado and local rugby player. He’s oblivious to the affections of the eternal optimist Martyn (Peter Wood), the team’s happy-go-lucky waterboy.

Martyn’s friend Dave (Jake Orlando Cowan) is the polar opposite of Garth: a melodramatic serial monogamist, who is after convincing Chuck from Seattle to fly over for him.Rounding off the cast is couple Nathan (Sean Dennehy) and Garette (Leigh Buchanan). Nathan is a quiet, no-nonsense kind of man, whereas Garette is not. There’s also Janice (Jessica Leighton), Nathan’s ex-wife and mother to his child, and her rather straight-laced boyfriend Campbell (Peter Mackin).


Created by John Cahill and Craig Rossiter, the series is divided into the two days. Day 1 will consist of the most episodes, 1-11. Day 2 will contain episodes 12-14. As of the time of writing, the series is only 4 episodes in, and has finished introducing the main cast. Having an overall assessment of the series is difficult as we’re only passed the introductions, but I found the characters to be likeable and funny. They’ve created some fun scenarios to allow the comedic potential to come forward.

Some of the jokes can be clunkers, and the set-up is a little arduous even with how short each episosde is, the longest not even clocking in 5 minutes. However, it was engaging enough to really make me wonder where these threads will end up. I’m particularly intrigued by Martyn, whose enthusiasm and quick delivery made him instantly loveable. Props as well to director Neil McGregor and DOP James Coburn. I cannot speak for the budget this was shot on, but the production and cinematography look top notch.

There will be a break between Day One and Day Two. The team are currently looking to crowdfund the series to help it looking as professional and well-polished as possible. If you are able to help the series out, feel free to donate. Here is the link to their crowdfund.

Props to the cast and crew for a (…I’m sorry) gay romp, and I look forward to when the rest of the season lands.

You can follow it on their YouTube page.

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