EXCLUSIVE: Notes on a Disaster, Episode Titles + Cast Stills

More insights into Notes on a Disaster. El Diablo has decided to reveal the episode titles, and they are as such:

“The Beard”
“Media Man”
“It Starts And Ends With You”
“Teenage Wasteland”
“Marathon Man”
“The Day The Music Died”
“Bonnie And Clyde”
Alongside these title drops, we have stills from cast members, a lot of which are new to the El Diablo team. These are:
James Ronayne
Alice Moloney
Eoin O Reilly
Liam Horgan
Eric Mooney
And the stars, as well as writers/directors, Dylan Mangan (Trevor Thomas)
And Simon McKeon (Peter Ryan)
Also cast is Mandy Ni Carthaigh. El Diablo alum Chris Keating, Art Kelleher and Conor Dwane (in an unspecified role) are involved in the web series.
Notes on a Disaster is currently deep into production, which may mean a freeze on further information for the time being. The series is set to premiere around Autumn. Be sure to check out this previous exclusive on the series for more information.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook and subscribe to El Diablo Productions on YouTube.

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