EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek for Notes on a Disaster

The latest project from El Diablo Productions, Notes on a Disaster, is gearing up for release. I have got my hands on exclusive stills from the 8-part web series.  The dark comedy follows two college students who decide to make a movie.

It is being written, directed and starring Dylan Mangan and Simon McKeon. The project was loosely based on an idea by McKeon and Colm Connolly, with the character of Trevor Thomas originating from a short Connolly had created. Thomas will be played in the show by Mangan, while McKeon will play the other protagonist Peter Ryan.


Speaking of the collaborative experience with Mangan, McKeon said: “Dylan would much prefer slower character pieces, whereas I would prefer slow plot pieces. So when it came to writing Notes on a Disaster, we actually applied our love for those two types of styles.”

Previous El Diablo alum shall be joining the cast. Chris Keating (The Milk Run) shall play Trevor and Peter’s college lecturer, and Art Kelleher (Christmas at Dracula’s) is a colleague of theirs at school. The always reliable Conor Dwane (Christmas at Dracula’s/The Milke run) is on hand in a prominent but currently unspecified part.

A large portion of the cast is new talent, including Alice Moloney, James Ronayne, Eoin O’Reily, Mandy Ni Carthaigh and Eric Mooney.


Director of photography Myles Linehan is also a previous El Diablo collaborator. His other credits include the 2016 short Smile.

I was privy to a very short clip of the piece. While I cannot say anything too specific, it’s looking to be cutting and very pointed with its presentation and the subject matters they will broach.


“Notes on a Disaster is very much a show about people trying their best in good faith, for the most part, to succeed,” said Mangan. “But always falling down just at the last moment. Often in comedic fashion, often in dramatic, quite upsetting fashion as well.”

“It could be very, very funny one minute, very dark the next minute, and then in-between it’s a mixture of dark comedy.” said McKeon.  “I hope that sounds appropriate.”


Notes on a Disaster will is set to be released sometime around Autumn and is currently in production. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and subscribe to El Diablo Productions on YouTube.


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