Sneak Peek: The Milk Run

The Milk Run is the latest film from Cork-based director and a friend of mine Simon McKeon. Years back, when this blog was on Blogger, I did a review of his debut feature Christmas at Draculas. He has scaled down significantly for his next few projects, having released a sequel to Christmas in the form of a short last year, The Fangs of Fame. His latest film, and the topic for today, is the upcoming short, The Milk Run.

The Milk Run is a dark comedy written by Christmas at Draculas star and producer Conor Dwane (with McKeon getting story consultant credits). It’s follows Gus Slattery, also played by Dwane, and the series of increasingly ridiculous events he walks into during a mundane trip to the shop to get milk. It’s a comedy of errors following the plain old bad luck one man can find himself in.

I was gifted with a sneak peek of a rough cut of the short. The five minutes depicts the titular lock-in that happens on the milk run at the grocery store. Without giving too much away, there’s a great emphasis on happenstance and escalating conflict based around the sheer incompetence of everybody around. The scene is well balanced with ridiculous yet believable misfortunes that the characters find themselves in. Coincidences that get them into trouble rather than get them out. It also sports an incredibly funny cast, with everyone finding great comedic whimsy during their performances and using them to their best advantage.

The Milk Run is shaping to be a very funny, very eccentric short from a local director/writing team in McKeon and Dwane with great working chemistry and a serious amount of potential. The production team behind this madness, El Diablo Productions, is on Facebook and YouTube. Keep your eyes glued for future endeavours from them.

The film is schedules for release in 2018, keep an eye on their Facebook page for more info on specific release dates. Alongside Dwane, it stars Lorraine Comiskey, Michael Murphy, Edvinas Maciulevicius, Colman Hayes, Padraig Wilson MCarthy, George Patterson, Chris Keating, Jean Law, and Da-

Daniel Kiniry.

Well, what do ya know?

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