IndieCork 2017-Preview

IndieCork 2017 is back for its fifth year!

This will be the first year I won’t be availing of the festival pass, both for monetary reasons and timing, but I’ll still be trying my best to make it to all the screenings I can. Support independent filmmaking, folks!

Anyway, here’s a rundown of a few films that will be playing, from Sunday 8th-Sunday 15th October.

Let’s start off with the opening and closing films.

3067682-inline-i-3-revision-history-how-sundances-beach-rats-became-a-movieBeach Rats is the winner of the Best Director award at Sundance this year. It takes the experience of being lost in Brooklyn by focusing on Frankie, who is hiding his casual sexual encounters with men from his family and girlfriend. It boasts a stunning central performance from newcomer Harris Dickinson, and will play Sunday 8th at 9.15pm.

summer-19931The closing movie is Summer 1993. Rather appropriately given current political events, first time Catalan director Carla Simon as the plot focuses on an orphaned six-year-old who moves from the big city wildness to the countryside. This will play on Sunday 15th at 9.15pm

crone-wood_-2017-poster-810x300Moving onto the Irish features, the ones of interest I have selected begin with Crone Wood. A classic horror set up with a romance in the woods going horribly wrong, it incorporates Ireland’s pagan mythology with terrifying results. This will play on Monday 9th at 6.45pm.

im-talking-to-you_poster-750x400Next is I’m Talking to You. The discovery of a pirate radio channel spouting propaganda brings a trainee Guard down a strange path making him question everything he knows. A rather tantalising look at what we value in Irish society, the movie will screen Wednesday 11th at 3pm.

https3a2f2fcdn-evbuc-com2fimages2f359616362f2220979907842f12foriginalNext up is Circles of the Sun. A dystopian tale of societal breakdown and a repression of digital technology, it focuses on a holographic photographer and his criminologist wife as they discover an invisible world of criminality. This will play on Saturday 14th at 12pm.

harry_ambrose_fFinally, The Legend of Harry & Ambrose. I’m just going to explain the plot to you; it looks at two British red coat soldiers in Ireland who are in love with each other who cannot reciprocate it because of their loyalty to the crown and being kidnapped by aliens. This will play Saturday 14th at 6.45pm.

630746387_1280x536Moving onto World features, we’ll take a look at 8.30. a rather biting satire on urbanisation and capitalism, it looks at door-to-door salesmen who are mysteriously trapped in a time loop in the British suburbs. It will play Sunday 8th at 3pm.

31-call-me-by-your-name-w710-h473Now we have the Italian movie Call Me by Your Name. dedicated in memory of the legendary Cork LGBT advocate David Roche, it’s a front runner for an Oscar nomination and looks at same sex teen love in Italy in the 1980s. it will play Saturday 14th at 9.15pm

time_kafb9xi_600The Visegrad Film Festival is here for its fifth year and coming in association with IndieCork. One of the movies it’s proud to present is Szablocs Hajdu’s lates film It’s Not the Time of my Life. winning the Grand Prix at the Karlovy Film Festival 2016, it looks at the burgeoning tensions of in-laws after one of them is forced to come back from a year long trip penniless. This will play Thursday 12th at 9.15pm.

norma-white-roseA quick shout out to the shorts reels, which look as packed with undoubtable talent as always. Alongside the Hungarian short screening from Viegrad (Tuesday 10th at 5pm), don’t forget to celebrate our homegrown talent with the traditional Cork Shorts screenings. Programme 1 will play on Tuesday 10th October at 9.15pm and Programme w will play Wednesday 11th at 9.15pm.

rice-farm-5Finally, a huge display of documentaries this year. Some of those of interest include Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas. An uncompromising look at forced evictions and land grabbing over the course of 7 years in Gambela, Ethiopia due to foreign investment in farmlands contributed by the EU and World Bank. This will play Sunday 8th at 4.30pm.

this_is_palestine_videoThis is Palestine follows Riverdance founder John McColgan as he explores the West Bank and Gaza to look at the effects of the conflict on the lands. Timed alongside the 50th anniversary of the West Bank’s military occupation and the 10th anniversary of the Gaza blockade, see this film Sunday 8th at 5pm.

dkjq2tmxcaalv9jThree Irish documentaries will be combined into one showing. Atlantis-25 Years in Solitude is the first screening of a doc. made in 1995 and looks at a community called The Screamers who moved from Ireland to Caqueta, Columbia. Boujeloud: Father of Skin looks at the Master Musicians of Joujouka. The Club-30 Years on takes a look back at ex-members of a drop-in centre for the unemployed in the 80s. these will screen from Tuesday 10th at 3pm.

the-4th-act-1The 4th Act takes us to Ballymun to examine looking at the 1 billion euro redevelopment of the area from the perspective of its community. It will play Tuesday 10th at 6.45pm


maxresdefaultThose Shocking Shaking Days Is an anti-war movie that takes an entirely different perspective on getting its points across in a more poetic and not explicitly stated manner. It will screen Thursday 12th at 4.30pm.

sip-2Strangers in Paradise takes a look at European refugees and the power dynamics between them and the people of Europe. It takes place in a classroom and is based on the director’s visit to the island of Lampedusa and the relations of this topic he witnessed. It will play Friday 13th at 2.15pm.

psychoFinally, 78/52 breaks down the 78 setups and 52 cuts made to create the infamous shower scene in Psycho. A thorough examination of the making of one of the most iconic moments in cinema, it will play Friday 13th at 6.45pm.



These are but a few of the great screenings happening at IndieCork 2017. More info can be found here

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