Hi-diddly-ho, Bloggerinos!

Where I introduce…this. Place. I guess? I dunno…


Welcome to my blog. How do you do? You look well. Glad to hear it!

Bitta background: I’ve been writing for publications since roughly 2011, working for several magazines, newspapers and websites. My primary passion throughout the last 6 years (as of the date of writing this-which should be….somewhere…*points emphatically whilst writing in text*) has been film. So I figured I may as well record my thoughts on my own platform because why not? The world needs yet another hot take on the medium that is cinema.

I started off on Blogspot on June 2014, with a retrospective on the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. Since then, I have ventured into different styles of reviews and analyses. My blog posts come in several different categories:

  • Movie Reviews: Basically a rundown on a film; its story, themes, my opinions, why I think it holds up or doesn’t etc. These tend to be a little looser as it’s purely my own thoughts on whatever film I’m currently speaking about. Unfortunately, this section has fallen to the wayside, my last big review being nearly 2 years now (though there are two sort-of exceptions). I’m hoping to get back to these soon if I can, but in the meantime most of my output is:
  • Quick Critique: The main source of content on this blog. Essentially, I take a recent movie I’ve seen and review it within 500 words or less (usually more). These are the most formulated and structured of my posts: basic breakdown is summary, initial thoughts, pros (cinematography, acting, editing, etc.), cons, conclusion. There’s no real schedule on these, I write on movies I’ve seen that I think I have something to say on. On the flipside, there are:
  • Quick Roasts: What it sounds like. If I really hated a movie and want to rip it a new one, I just write it in the same formula as Quick Critiques but with a little more room for a less objective approach so I can curse it out. I don’t do these that often as movies don’t tend to get me so angry. Or they are saved for:
  • Podcasts: Basically they are reviews I do in audio, either by myself or mostly with my friend Nathan. Basically unscripted and we tend to just shoot the shit and discuss our thoughts. They’ve started off as reviews and tend to be saved for more talked about films we’ve both seen, but I’m trying to branch them out into something a bit broader. Some of the latest ones we did as of writing have a similar structure to:
  • List blogs: These are rundowns of…lots of movies. They were once restricted to year-end ‘Best/Worst’ lists, but have recently expanded onto covering the various film festivals that occur in Cork. They replaced my old formula of me just labeling the films with the festival and writing a Quick Critique of the ones I’ve seen (note: while I get press screenings on the odd occasion [like…twice I think this has happened?], I am in no way affiliated with the film fests I cover), and now I just cover them all once the fest ends. I’ve found this has proven successful, so it may be how I cover fests moving forward. I do a few other in list form as well, sometimes associated with:
  • My Problems with: Essentially my more analytical articles. I take an aspect of a film (or films) and look at what my issues with it are and how they can bring down the movie overall. This doesn’t necessarily mean the entire film is broken, just that these aspects aren’t well handled and why they are notable. I may do an inverse of this series, but I have not written any post for it yet.

And that’s it! While a few of my blogs will be posted on here, you can read my backlog on my Blogspot which will remain up:

Welcome to my blog’s new home! I hope you enjoy it.

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